19 things to help you lose weight in 2019


2019 is here, hooray! If you’re like me you have set resolutions again this year and this time, you mean business. Losing weight is hard, but can be made so much easier with a few products I think you’ll love. Here’s a list of 19 products I suggest are a great addition to any workout routine on any schedule, for anyone!

1. Gallongear

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Gallongear is a great way to drink more water, which is one of the areas of weight loss most people overlook. In addition to making you healthier, drinking water can make you feel more full, helping you eat less, give you clearer skin, relieve your fatigue and make you more energized during the day, flush out toxins, and so much more. Drink your water.

2. Bosu ball

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This thing is a killer. You can do an entire hardcore workout from your living room, or a nice and simple morning wellness routine. Ranging from different exercises that kick your butt (burpees with these things have helped make me so much stronger!) or exercises that help your balance and overall stability I do not know what I would do without my bosu ball. My core strength started at the equivalent to a pool noodle and now I look forward to using my bosu ball every day.

3. Dietbet

Dietbet has been my ultimate motivator. Besides making a bet you’ll lose 4% of your weight in roughly a month and making money, the community has been constantly supportive. I could post how hungry I am for a snack and within minutes I’ll have dozens of people commenting healthy options and words of encouragement in my weakest moments. Complete strangers turning into the ultimate support group is what has been helping me immensely on my weight-loss journey.

4. Fitbit

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Though this might not be in the budget for everyone, saving up for one is definitely worth it. I use my fitbit versa everyday and I really dislike for my phone- constantly having to remember to turn my it on silent when I am teaching or in a meeting, and I don’t have to worry about that with my fitbit. My fitbit tracks all of my different speeds, times, heart rates and more during my workouts and provides a nice and easy-to-read graph on the app with weekly emails including my stats. I love the workout feature where there’s a silent guided workout video and relaxation app to help me get in a quick workout, and relax when I’m stressed. I highly recommend getting a fitbit to take charge of your fitness goals.

5. Beachbody on Demand & Shakeology

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Beachbody, much like dietbet is a world-wide support group in an energized and motivated fashion. Autumn Calabrese’s 21 day fix program combined with shakeology helped me lose 51 lbs in 2016. Besides her program, I really enjoy turbofire that’s a combination of dancing and boxing. There are so many programs available 24/7 that has been transforming people inside and out. Combined with shakeology (vegan vanilla is my favorite!) this is the ultimate weight-loss program and the only one that includes protein shakes that I have personally done that has gotten me actual results.

6. Bullet Journal

Though these can be time consuming, they are just as much therapeutic. I use my bullet journal to track my weight loss, water intake, what I eat daily, and other goals such as the minimalism challenge, books I want to read, my bucket list, and more. If you’re lazy, or just too busy to make your own there are a ton of templates available for free on pinterest.

7. Slimfast Gummies

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Gummies? Yes. Believe it or not these craving-control gummies have helped me immensely and taste so great, all without gelatin! Yay for vegans! These are great for on the go, as I keep them in my car, but be careful to not eat the whole container as the recommended serving is around 3 gummies. 🙂

8. Comfy Shoes

Let’s face it, without comfortable shoes designated for fitness there is more room to make an excuse to not workout. I go between Nike and Adidas like a divorcee child, but my mom has really been getting into skechers (she owns at least 17 pairs!) and whenever I borrow them they are soooo comfortable! Get a comfy pair of shoes, because your feet and you will suffer if you don’t.

9. Coffee Cacao Power Snacks

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Navitas Naturals are probably my absolute favorite brand for healthy snack foods. These coffee bites are so delicious and give the amazing energy boost that we all need at 3pm everyday. I really like Navitas other products such as acai berry super foods that you can blend into smoothies (or use as a food coloring for birthday cakes, drinks, and more!). I definitely recommend checking them out.

10. Workout clothes

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A really good motivator to workout is wearing comfortable yet cute clothes that make you want to workout sometimes just for the post-workout selfie in your cute clothes. Bejuststrong has really cute clothes, squats fitness apparel has a lot of humorous options that I personally love. Probably my all time favorite set of workout clothes is from The Workout Princess-not only do they have their own share of humorous tees, but they have comfy and inspirational gear that makes me want to wear it even when I’m not workout out.

11. Macadamia Nuts

If you’re allergic to nuts-ignore this! Macadamia nuts are lower in carbs and have endless possibilities. Not only do they taste amazing by themselves, but they can be processed and made into bread, desserts, and so much more. These have been perfect for my keto friends as well as for my own journey through consuming low-carb. Macadamia nuts do not last long in my house!

12. Yoga Mat

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You can get them at all different price points, whether it be from five below for only $5 (my very first one was from five below- it does its job) or a little nicer quality one invested that doesn’t move when you do such as these from JadeYoga. Besides being sturdy and slip-resistant, these mats are made from materials that do not contain toxins, my favorite part though is that when you purchase one, a tree is planted! Yay for environmentally friendly fitness!

13. Warm Lemon Water

Every morning, my mom heats up water in a tea kettle and squeezes fresh lemon juice from lemons in it to start her day. I had noticed her slimming down (not solely from this- it is merely just a tool in your toolbox) and it has improved her digestion. I decided to give it a try, and though I have not been doing it long- nor do I particularly like the taste of citrus I have noticed I feel lighter, not so tired, and my skin has cleared a little bit. My mom also drinks apple cider vinegar but that’s a whole other story.

14. Stevia

Stevia extract in liquid form, or in a bag is a wonderful sugar substitute with far less calories and carbs than actual sugar. I use stevia to make keto mug cake- literally I don’t even measure when I make it but it’s an egg, peanut butter, and some stevia extract. When I get crazy I add in a few extra chocolate chips. Stevia is a life saver for me.

15. Cheat days

Cheat days, or cheat meals are necessary. If you completely give up cold-turkey you are going to struggle and have more potential to cave. Don’t completely pig out because you will feel it the next day, but allow yourself from freedom. I tend to do this on either the last day of the month, or the first day of the month, or depending on if there’s a holiday or birthday party I’m attending. Cut yourself a break every once in a while so that you can stay on track when it most counts.

16. A Cheerleader

No, I don’t mean someone with pom-poms (I mean they could have them). I’m talking about a friend, a family member, a co worker, someone that by talking to you and encouraging what you are doing is also holding you accountable in the most supportive of ways. This is also someone you can workout with! My sister is this for me, she’s a runner and a total fitness guru and even when I have bad days her response is always that tomorrow is another day. Find someone that lifts you up.

17.  Neck Massager

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Up until I received a neck massager this past Christmas it was my boyfriend’s full time job. Now I have a neck massager from HoMedics (my mom got it from Kohls) I come home from work or the gym and I turn it on with three different settings and heat, it gets rid of all of my stress knots, and feels so relaxing. If you have a planet fitness membership I highly recommend the full body massage chairs post-workout!

18. Good Day Chocolates

So, I shop in Whole Foods, Earth Fare and by me there’s an organic store called “Mustard Seed” that stocks these chocolates and they are AMAZING. My favorite kind is calm, which relieves stress. I also like the sleep kind, because they have melatonin in them. The energy kind has natural 20mg of caffeine per piece and they keep coming out with more. I am obsessed with them and buy them in bulk. They are low in calories and carbs, and provide wonderful benefits in a win-win situation.

19. Patience

Patience is key. It does not come easily, but with the help of patience, and some of these things listed above you will be reaching your weight loss goals in no time. You can do it!